Monday, November 22, 2010

The Riverine Rabbit

When Animal Tails added the Riverine Rabbit to their collection of endangered species, my first thought was "how adorable". Then, my second thought was "I can't imagine any rabbit being endangered". I, of course, was limited in my history of rabbits living in the middle of America. ("Pesky rabbits!")

Then I read about the Riverine Rabbit's plight.

They only live in one place in the whole world; Cape Province of South Africa. Would you believe there are only about 250 left in the wild? That puts them in the critically endangered group.
As with so many other endangered animals, one of the main reasons for their dwindling numbers is lost of habitat. So much of the dense marshes by the rivers are being converted to agriculture. Another reason, unlike most rabbits, these little guys only have 1 to 2 offspring a year; nothing like our home grown.

So, my hat's off to Animal Tails for bringing the Riverine Rabbit into the spotlight. And another tip of the hat to the South Africa's farmers that are using conservation practices on their land to help enable these beautiful little animals to survive. Thank you.

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

The music in my head.

Dear Dr. Freud,

I know you're the one to go to for unlocking suppressed thoughts in the brain. I don't want to find out the meanings of my dreams. I'm too entertained by them. I'm desperate to discover why I keep having strange music coming in my head.

Some reasons are obvious. After seeing West Side Story a few weeks ago, I drove myself nuts with "Tonight, Tonight". (I should note I don't sing out loud. In my mind I sound just like the artist.) I finally had to put in my tape of "Les Miserables" to block it out. Funny, with all that powerful and beautiful music, the one that kept running through was "Keeper of House".

This happens to all of us. My husband changed his cell phone ring to a train chugging and whistle blowing. After a week, he changed it back. All he could think of was that old T.V. sit com "Petticoat Junction". He caught himself singing at work "there's Uncle Joe, he's moving kinda slow".

Back to my problem. Why songs that I don't especially like? For instance, last holiday season, with all the beautiful carols filling the air, the only one in my mind playing OVER AND OVER again was Elvis' "Blue Christmas"; complete with backup singers.

Today was weird. I was at the computer with "Sweet Child of Mine" serenading my mind along with Slash's guitar; when, out of the blue, Dean Martin steps in with "That's Amore". It's been in my mind ever since; ("When the moon hits your eye like-a big pizza pie, that's amore"). What the? I don't mind old Dino, but a favorite? No. ("Bells'll ring, Ting-aling-aling; Hearts will play, Tippi, tippi, tay") Where did these lyrics come from? What hidden secret am I suppressing, Dr. Freud.

Maybe I'm reading too much into this. I do seem to function okay. I just need to get this song out my head. Maybe there's an old tape of Barney lying about.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thank you for your service.

Tomorrow is Veterans Day. My husband is a veteran. Today we went to our granddaughter's Veterans Day salute at her school presented by her class. For the rest of the day, I had a lump in my throat.

We go to all our grandchildren's school functions. Love them all; but today was different.

These eight-graders presented their thanks to our veterans in such a heartwarming and inspiring way; I'm still in awe.

There were poems, essays and many others reminders of the sacrifices of what was given in the name and meaning of patriotism.

I had to keep holding back the tears, in fear of embarrassing our granddaughter in front of her friends.

Then, at the reception that followed, I learned I was not alone. We were all feeling the same emotion.

Scientists tell us the heart does not feel; it's the brain that controls out emotions. The feeling I had today, did not come from my head; it came from within my heart. I could feel it.

God bless our veterans and God bless America.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Cotton prices going crazy high!

I thought all of you would like some good news. It always puts me in a great mood when I learn I will be paying more for my husband's Jockeys.

So much for being sarcastic; let's get down to the facts. The price of cotton has been rising and will continue to do so. Several reasons. Inventories were lowered because of the recession; then Nature came into the equation. Bad weather and massive flooding ruined many last year crops worldwide.

The consumer shouldn't see any increases this fall and winter. I really don't know about next year prices. For Rubi J, it's a wait and see. I'm stocking up now.

Well, enough of that, let's move on.

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Half off and free shipping. That is good news.