Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My friend

I have a TON of tasks on my "to do" list.

We have a booth to get ready at the "I Can" Woman Leadership Conference in April.

I've found toddler's T-shirts I need to order.

I need to pay my bills and update my accounts.

Our tax returns are ready.

President Obama is speaking to Congress on television.

I'm busy.

Why is it all I can think about is the well being of my friend? She has been tirelessly working to mend and start the healing of a broken family relationship.

We have all had our family issues; some petty, some hurtful and some unvieldy. This is what she is up against - petty, hurtful and unvieldy issues.

She is conquering all. Why? Because she is doing this for love. That's the magic bullit. LOVE.

This is not amazing. It's hard; but not amazing. Working with love in your heart seems to cut through the maze and continues on until the job is done. The only thing I worry about is the drain on my friend. She gives and gives and gives. Let's give her our love and energy (prayers).

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Stage Fright

I finally got back to my blog site. I was even surprised it had been 2 months since my last entry. Sure, I'm been busy getting the website up and running (we became official January 13, 2009).

Yes, we had another family medical crisis. My mother-in-law had colon cancer surgery. The prognosis is excellent. There will be more tests and procedures to made sure.

I have given notice at my paying job. I am now in the progress of training my very competent replacement. Soon, it will be full time marketing www.Rubij.com.

Blogging is part of a new business - "GETTING YOUR NAME OUT".

So. Why have I not been blogging?

Easy answer. I had been away from it long enough it scared me again.
It took my daughter, Stef, a long time to convince me to blog in the first place.

She blogs all the time "Mom, it's easy and fun". It's fun for her because she is an "open" person. She can share her feelings. I've read about her type in "Oprah". I, on the other hand, have a harder thing expressing my passion. It's there; but I'm afraid of opening the door too wide.

So, anyway, I'm back in the saddle. What got me going again? Look at the new picture of Mickey. I forgot about my "stage fright" and remember what is our mission.

You'll be seeing Mickey's new picture on our website as soon as I can figured out HOW to add it; but that's another blog entry.