Wednesday, April 15, 2009

EARTH DAY is everyday

Our grandchildren on Easter Sunday.

Earth day was April 22. That's when we were to acknowledge and try to do something to improve our planet. I spent the day working in my yard and walking the dogs. PERFECT.

The last two years of research on organic and responsible living have opened my eyes.

My husband and I do live differently than we did 15-20 years ago. We have already became more aware; recycling, fluorescent light bulbs, energy efficiency. We are eating differently, too. I've been reducing the amount of processed food we eat. I am a little surprised how rewarding it has become. It does takes a little more planning, but not as much as I first thought. It's been fun trying new recipes. Not all have been successes. We discovered we didn't like a lot of basil on our pork loins. And we still have some processed food in the house. (I just need a few Lays potato chips occasionally.) The biggest rewards are how much better "real" food taste and how much better we feel.

A great website for finding healthy ways to live and help our planet is

Friday, April 3, 2009

And We Had FUN, FUN, that

I know this title means nothing to the "under 50" group; but it marks the beginning of an amazing week for me - starting with Sunday.

Husband, Ron, and I had 4 tickets to the Omaha Symphony Pops concert featuring the Beach Boys on Sunday. We took our grandchildren; Alex, age 11, and Cole, age 7, to share the "magic" with us.

In the '60's, this was Ron's and my first concert date at Rosenbladt Stadium in Omaha, Nebraska, "I know, Grandma; you've told us 3 times already".

Ron and I had a blast; and I think the grandkids enjoyed the catchy tunes; even though they were not as good as Nickelback - "NO WAY".

Monday and Tuesday:
Preparing for the vendor's booth at the ICAN Women's Leadership Conference in Omaha.

Finished reading the Twilight Series. (The series started off sophomoric for me, and then it grabbed me by the heart.)

Stef and I went to Qwest Center to set up the booth. ANTICIPATION!!!!! Couldn't sleep.

Up at 4:30; on the road to Omaha at 6:00 - What will the day bring?

WOW!! What an exhilerating day! We met so many wonderful and interesting people. We loved them and they seemed to like us - it doesn't get better than that.

Slept like a baby last night.....Worked on our new a foot massage and pedicure.....time with my grandson. Life is good.

THANK YOU.....I love you all.