Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Clifford Ewan Ronfeldt, Pet Psychic

Let me introduce you to a member of Ronfeldt family. Clifford Ewan Ronfeldt.
Cute, yes? Maybe. He could also be called Clifford Ewan Ronfeldt,  Psycho Psychic.

By the way, Cliff's middle name was given to him by granddaughter, Alex. (Another story)

The little monster has changed the Ronfeldt way of living ever since he arrived. We got him because Lucy (the good dog) needed a friend.

Lucy, the shelter dog, is everything you could ask for; patience, kindness, devotion. We wanted to make her happy: "Let's get her a playmate".


We didn't leave them for 2 years because we just couldn't subject anybody to Clifford. He was a handful.

But, I getting off the track. The little dog is psychic. Both Ron and I agree. We have tested him. He knows what I'm thinking.

When we go to the dog groomer for his bath (no matter what route I take) he whinces the whole time going. Whenever I think of dog walking; he's there, going crazy. I don't even have to go to the closet for the leases. I can be in the bathroom doing a number things; but if I'm thinking walk, he's all over me.

I could go on forever. I know this would be boring to you unless you live with dogs.

This little guy is creepy. I've would get rid of him (many have suggested) but no one else would have him. Besides, he mades me laugh, he needs me and I need him.

Clifford, you're here to stay.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

OMG!!!!! I've lost my cell phone.

Yes; the unthinkable happened. I lost my cell phone today. It would have been easier to lose a finger (I could still function). Talk about "Panic in the streets".

I did what any proud American would do. Stop everything. Think. Remember. Retrace my steps. My God, we're talking about my cell phone!!!!!! I knew you would understand.

We had gone to the hardware store; check, not there. I walked the dogs; check, not on that route. Unless, of course, some little kid picked it up (any adult would have called the emergency number because they knew the pain I was going through).

My next retracing was Ron's pickup I had borrowed. I knew it was at my building I was working on uptown. Wait. Maybe it's in the pickup. HALLELUJAH!!!! There it was. On the seat. I swear, there was a halo around it.

So, I found my cell phone; end of story. But what does this tell us about ourselves? Five years ago, we seemed to function just fine without immediate connection to the world. What changed?

We did.

So; are we better off or not? I don't know. My cell phone is always by my side. Is it a good thing or bad? What do you think?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sharks are cool.

Sure; not the prettiest face in the animal kingdom, but they are cool.

The Mako Shark is one of the featured wildlife species in Animal Tails product line. This shark is the fastest of all and came jump out of the water up to 20 feet. Cool.

Another interesting fact: They apparently taste good; the main reason the Mako Shark is now endangered. They have been overfished. Their fins are a delicacy. You've heard of "shark fin soup". There has even been reports of fisherman, after catching a Mako Shark, cutting the fins off and throwing it back in the ocean to die. That was hard for me to take; needless suffering.

Animal Tails has two different designs for the Mako Shark. Here they are on the baby items:
Sweet and cuddly for your baby boy.
But as our boys get older, they want cool, not sweet and cuddly. That's why sharks are cool. There wouldn't be much drama in West Side Story if the "Jets" (instead of fighting the "Sharks") were going to rumble with the "Tuna's"or "Guppies". Just doesn't work. And how about the many cool characters you have seen on the big and little screen named "Sharkie" or "Al, the Shark". If you lived in a tough neighborhood, what would you whether to be called: "Shark" or "Fishhead"?

I rest my case. Sharks are cool.

The boys short-sleeved Mako Shark is our current "Special of the Day". For a limited time only, it's half off of retail. Check it out at
I love this shade of blue. That's another thing you'll discovered with these organic clothes. The colors stay washing after washing.

Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm trying, really, really trying.

Last week I was in the hospital for 3 days. No, nothing wrong with me. I was staying around the clock with my dear step-father-in-law during his total knee replacement. First, everything went well; second, no sleep: time to read and research.

I spent hours and hours on Ron's iPad reading about pesticides, additives and preservatives and the correlation with ADDA and autism.

I was upset, outraged and indignant; I must spread the news. So this week I was going to alert the public.

Then, I looked in my kitchen's drawers. Ouch.

White bread, Kraft Mac & Cheese and (the devil himself) Lays Potata Chips. I'm a fraud. 

So; back to "Google". Need to find redemption.

Fact: There are 14,000 man made chemicals in the American food supply.

Well, no wonder I lost the battle; I'm just one against an army of commercial might and power.

But, still the battle rages on!!!. We will fight one little scrimmage one at a time. Let's start with artifical food coloring.

When you go grocery shopping; don't buy anything with artifical food coloring. Studies have found a link to hyperactivity and autism.

This will be our first step.

Let us be strong.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Is Orange the new Black?

I was wondering why I was getting more orders for the orange onesie than any other color lately.

I should probably look at the calendar once in a while. Fall is just around the corner and Halloween is next month. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. Or; unless it is becoming the new black. Babies do look cute in our Papaya Orange. Of course, when don't babies look cute?

Trey's looking good; but any color looks good on him.