Friday, March 25, 2011

Garage sales - There's an "App" for that.

Spring is in the air: green peeking through the snow, hot houses setting up outside of grocery stores, red eyes and noses dripping and, of course, garage sales.

Tis the season.

I know we love a bargain and I don't want to rain on your  parade; but, if you're looking for a bargain on baby gear; let's be safe with our most precious little people.

Be on guard when you are shopping second hand for your baby. There is recall upon recall on baby products. I know if you're under 30 you have a smart phone. My daughter couldn't believe when her dad and I recently updated our phones, we purchased the same kind we always had. How 2005's was that?

Here's my advice. Before you purchase that hot deal for your baby; go to and find out if that item has been recalled.

We're talking about your baby. Don't be a statistic. A few minutes on your smart phone could change your life for the better.

Happy garage saleing.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Dear Carol, I miss you.

I can't believe I'm writing this post. I just wrote a tribute to my beloved departed brother. I was ready to put my avenger cape back on to save the world and rid our children of toxins. Then, you just couldn't fight the brave battle you had fought for the last 1 1/2 years any more. Who could blame you. My hero, forever. I am grateful you no longer have the pain.

I remember the night we became friends. I knew you before; you had married a childhood friend of Ron's and mine. Then we moved to a house close to you and invited your family over for an evening. That's when our daughter, Steffie, age 5, and your daughter, Lynie, age 3, met and became BFF to this day. Something else happen. We talked. And talked. And talked. We never stopped.

That night started a special friendship I will cherish to my dying day. The memories, oh the memories. We were young new mothers trying to find our way. We stumbled, we achieved, we did it together. I'm remembering the long conversations we had, sharing our hopes, dreams and insecurities. We wanted the best for our little girls. Somehow, they survived us, and became better than us; which was our goal.

I think what I remembered the most was the comfort we had with each other. When we two families were together, comfort. We all enjoyed each other company.

Our children grew. You and Terry added two sons. What blessings!!!! Steffie and Lynie became Stef and Lyn. We sent them to the University of Iowa (two years apart), we watch them get married with each of them being the maid of honor (of course) and then the icing: grandchildren.

You loved my Stef as much as I loved your Lyn.

I'm not saying goodbye. You will be with me forever; and I know I will be happy again; some day soon; because you want me to be. Love you.

So, I'm now going back to saving the world.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Keeping the spirit alive.

Sorry, all of you reader (yes, I said reader). I know I haven't written in quite a while. I've been busy thinking about jokes and researching on the web funny things to send to my brother, Stew.

Cancer, once again, came into our lifes. They discovered it around Christmas; lung and spread to the liver. I'll spare you the details.

Here's a thing about Stew. He loved to laugh. I could always make him laugh. But then, everything and everybody made him laugh. He had the greatest giggle and laugh of them all.

That damn cancer won the battle last Tuesday. It's still hard to imagine he gone; not Stew. He was always so full of life, loving each day, even when he was sick.

There's always the tendency to inflate the qualities on the newly departed. We're not delusional. Stew had his faults. But here's the cool part about him; he could always get away with it. He could take someone's parking space and then, without hesitation, engage them in a warm conversation and the next thing you know, everyone is happy. The thing was Stew never recognize he slipped in front of someone. He was just parking, enjoying the day and everyone around him.

Stew was what we all strived for; living in the moment, and loving it. That's why he was so much fun to be around. Everyone that knew him would have a "Stewy story".

We may not be able to hug him anymore or get hugs from him; but he is still with us. His spirit is alive and well. He's laughing with me right now.