Sunday, July 12, 2009

What am I going to wear this fall?

I've been reviewing the fashion trends for fall '09. Oh-Oh. Trouble ahead.

Number one: The "Strong Shoulder". Ha! What they mean is the shoulder pads from the 80's are back. God help us all. Who can forget Linda Evans and Joan Collins duking it out in "Dynasty" with those lethal shoulder pads. There may be one out of two thousand women who could wear them with any style.

Number two: The "Tight Rolled Jeans". Another throw back to the 80's; except we called them the "French rolled" then. That's when you would take your bell bottoms and tuck and rolled them around your ankles - tight. I never actually left the the house with this fashion statement. After I got done laughing in mirror; I would undo and go out the door with my bells and over sized t-shirt. What a babe.

Number three: Color Pink. Yeh, I'm saved. Pink looks good on me. Just as long as I don't wear a pink sweater with shoulder pads and tight rolled jeans.