Thursday, October 29, 2009

Spotlight on elephants

Who doesn't love elephants? They've always been one of my favorites. I love watching them on Discovery or Animal Planet. I've even envision riding on one. I know that will never happen. I love horses, too, but I'm scaried silly every time I'm actually riding on one.

The Asian Elephant is on one of our endangered species t-shirts. The hang tag which comes with each shirt states:

"The difference between me and the African elephant is I have smaller ears, a rounder back, 19 ribs instead of 21, but most of all I am much more friendly. If you ever see an elephant at the circus, it will without doubt be an Asian elephant as we're easily domesticated, and form loving bonds with humans.

The matriarch elephant in a herd is responsible for remembering who is a friend and the traditional migration routes, hence the expression 'an elephant never forgets'. This is one of the reasons for our decline in the wild, if humans have built houses on our migration route we'll trample through their house, rather than go round, which tends to annoy then, so they kill us. We are also heavily hunted for our tusks and now there are only about 32,000 of us left."

Pretty sad, isn't it. Go to the Wildlife Conservation Society at to learn more about these amazing animals and the projects ongoing to help support conservation of the Asian elephant.

As you can see kids of all ages and gender love elephants.

We currently have the Asian Elephant as our "Special of the Day".  Take a look at for savings of 40% off.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The power of one.

I just took out the Sunday evening trash pickup. It included 2 bags of lawn clippings for recycling, 1 bin of recyclables and 1 bag of garbage.

Ten years ago it would have meant 4 bags to the landfill.

We're a nation of over 111 million households. Muliply that by 3 extra bags a week to the landfill.

See. We can make a difference.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

We're catching on!

Organic cotton is becoming more mainstream. That's good news for you and your pocketbook. As predicted, the more the demand, the more production and lower prices.

According to The Organic Cotton Market Report, retail sales of organic apparel and home textile products climbed 63% in 2008. The 2008 Organic Cotton Farm and Fiber Report states organic farming worldwide for the 2007/2008 year increased 152%. Wow!

India, where our onesies originated, has overtaken Turkey as the leader in production worldwide. Their production, according to The Organic Trade Association, increased 292%. The United States increased its production in 2008 by 9%.

I have noticed in my web wanderings we in the States are behind in sustainable living than with our friends beyond the pond. I wonder if it because we are such a big country and have so much space. But, times are changing and so are lifestyles.

So; what does this mean to you? As my prices go down; so will yours. Rubi J has reduce the price on all of our onesies products. Check out the website.

That's little Katherine in one of our custom screen printing onesies.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Leopards, Wild Dogs, Seahorses and Bears, Oh My!!!

I know.  The title doesn't flow. It's just we've added more to our wonderful "Animal Tails" line and I thought this would caught your attention.
We already had the Polar Bear, Seahorse and Snow Leopard in the Rompers Line; but now we added them to the children's tees, along with the African Wild Dog.

I love, love, love Animal Tails. The organic cotton in soft jersy knit is such a winner. The kids love them because they are so cool. The mothers love them because they wear so well.

One of the many, many nice things about being a girl is we can also wear the boys' tees. The girls' tees are too small for my 12 year old granddaughter, but she can wear the 9-10 year size in the boy's because of the bigger cut.

Also, check out our website. We have two new features. "Clearance Sale" on one of a kind; and our new "Special of the Day".

We have been out of the Polar Bear Rompers. They are just too cute. We now have them back in stock. They make the perfect baby gift.

It's been fun restocking and adding new. Now; if the sun would only shine here in Iowa for just a few hours......

Saturday, October 10, 2009

First book

Do you know why I love books? Why they are my passion? Why First Book is the the charity Rubi J supports?


Most of us can feel sympathy. It hurts to see a young one cry. It hurts to see war on the television news.   But how do we feel the same hurt as our fellow human being? We have to be that person; and through books, this is possible.

I'm reading a book right that I don't wholly understand, but it is so powerful in its narrative that I cry from the pain of the life the author was given.

I read all books; fiction and non fiction. I always come away more fulfill as a citizen of the world. I want this for all children.

Technology has made our world smaller. But, we need more for our internal growth than text messaging. We need to connect. We need to learn. We need to empathize.

Let's give the children of the world the tools. Teach your children to  read. Help other children to read.

As Martha Stewart says: "It's a good thing".

Monday, October 5, 2009

Another "Animal Tail"

I've been reading about dermochelys coriacea. That's right, dermochelys coriacea. I'm talking about the Leatherback Sea Turtle, and, of course, I didn't know it either. I can't even pronounce it.

I've been on a personal mission to learn more about the endangered species on our "Animal Tails" t-shirts. It has been equally enlivening and heartbreaking.

According to the National Geographic, the leatherbacks are the only remaining representatives of turtles that traces back more than 100 million years. So how can it be possible, after all this time, they are now designated as endangered under the U.S. Endangered Species Act? Here's their story from the hang tag attached to each tee:

"I am the largest reptile in the world. I'm about 2m (7ft) long and weigh almost 2000lbs. I have huge flippers which propel me around the world. My favourite place though is the Caribbean, that's where I nest. I always return to the same beach to bury my eggs in the sand. The problem is each time I go back there are more and more humans. The amount of times my eggs have got squashed by some kid playing volley ball or parking their deck chair on top of them! But my family have nested there for centuries so I don't see why I should move.

My favourite food is jellyfish, but I mistake plastic bags in the sea for them and that is the main reason for us being endangered. If I eat one it will know kill  me. Please ensure that none of your plastic ends up floating in the sea, it will be the death of me."

So, we are the problem. There is an organization dedicated to saving the leatherback turtle. Larry McKenna's book Almost Gone details their plight. To learn more, go to

We can become part of the solution.

That's my grandneice,Julianna, at the zoo.