Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Anniversary, Jane. Thank you for your passion.

This year is the 50th year anniversary of one of my hero's life long passions that changed science forever. What was really amazing, Jane Goodall was not a scientist, just a young woman with a passion. Fifty years ago Jane, her mother and a couple of guides set off in Africa to study chimpanzees. Unless you live on another panet, you surely have heard of Jane Goodall. She has devoted her life to study of this fabulous creature.

But her story is more than the knowledge we have learned about this primate and but also about our disillusions of mankind. We now know so much more, thanks to Jane.

But, I think the story is the more about the power of passion. She wanted to learn; she had no concerte ideas as to what she might discover. She only wanted to learn.


She changed the scientific world with passion alone.

Read about her journey at Do yourself a favor and read her story.

Maybe you will find your "passion". And, maybe, just maybe, you will also learn one person can change the world.

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Big Bad Five

Periodically, I receive a little booklet from our local utilities called "Eco @ Home". A cool little publication with hints on conserving energy and reducing our carbon footprint. What I learn most is we can all do our part and teach our children with very little effort. We just need more awareness.

There was a neat article on the worst 5 products we should avoid in our households.
  1. PETROLEUM-BASED CLEANERS. We've been bombarded so heavily with antibacterial cleaners that they are believed to being more harmful than good. We're building super bacteria that are becoming impossible to kill. I've used vinegar and baking soda for years. (Gold star for me!)
  2. DISPOSABLE BATTERIES. We Americans send 166,000 tons of them yearly to the landfill where the toxic chemicals from them seep into the soil. Buy rechargeable. This is where I fail miserably. I'm always picking up batteries. (Take away my gold star.)
  3. INCANDESCENT LIGHTS. I think we're all doing pretty good at this one. Everyone I know uses the CFLs.
  4. WATER BOTTLES. Ten years ago, who would of thought drinking water bottles being an environmental problem. The main source of this is only 10 percent gets recycled. The rest are left in the trash, beach or on the side of the road. We use the Brita water filter at home. Taste better, too.
  5. STYROFOAM. A petroleum-based plastic made of styrene monomer, a possible human carcinogen. Styrofoam is my arch-enemy. The biggest pain in the world to get rid of, especially the "peanuts" that usually comes with my husband's Ebay purchases. They fly all over the place; and if the garage door is open with a little breeze in the air; nuts, I'm all over the neighborhood chasing them down!
See, these are little changes we all can make.  And "Just say No" to styrofoam.

(By the way, my dogs have nothing to do with this blog. I just wanted to add their picture.)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Let the wild horses roam!

I research all the wild life featured on our beautiful "Animal Tails" organic baby and children clothes.

This week: the Przewalski's Horse.

What I know: It's endangered. Not a lot of brain power; all the Animal Tails wildlife are endangered. That's our mission; to spread the word using the world of fashion and safe clothing for our children.

What I didn't know: Everything else.

First, how to pronouce Przewalski. (He's the Russian explorer who discovered them.) There's three acceptable ways: "psheh-VAL-skee", "per-zhuh-VAL-skee" or "PREZ-val-skee". Guess what? I still don't know how to pronounce it. Phonics was never my subject.

Let's move on.

This is the last remaining species of wild horses on the earth. They were extinct in the wild until a few years ago when a world wide program started to enter them back into the wild in the Mongolian steppes. Here's where I was wrong again, thinking the Mustangs in the Southwest are still roaming and wild. Mustangs are actually feral horses, tamed becoming wild. The Przewalski's horse has never been tamed - ever.

That leads to the third wrong assumption I had; that these were the horses Genghis Khan rode in the 13th century. That's went I discovered Genghis Khan rode the "true" Appaloosa horse; which I, of course, thought orginated from the Americas. I'm now starting to weary of my inaccuraties. (I have always prided myself as a know-it-all.)

But, enough about me and my shortcomings, the important thing is these beautiful animals have always been wild and should be given their birth right. There are about 1,500 in captivity and a world wide foundation for breeding to keep the species pure is working to release more and more back to their home where they are meant to be; free.

As many of us know, there are special bonds between a girl and her horse. It's one of the reasons the Przewalski's Horse is on the girl's romper and t-shirt in the Animal Tails collection. The romper and girl's t-shirt are currently 40% off at A perfect baby or Chirstmas gift.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Save on 3.

We've started a new regular feature at Rubi J's.

In the past, I have given discounts to customers for various reasons; big orders, repeat business, etc. So, why not make the savings available to all.

For our organic onesies and t-shirts; there will be hugh savings when you purchase 3 or more. This includes our custom t's and onesies.

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