Thursday, September 15, 2011

I've found out that I can hate!!!

First things, first.

I'm a gentle soul.

I can find good in everything.

It's a blessing, our Father has given me.

But, I have learned. I do have the power to hate; a word I don't allow in our house; but now I feel it.

I hate cancer.

There's too much of it.

More than before.

Let's find the reason.

Let's find the answer.

It can't beat us if we are united.

We will win.

We will be victorious; (if we keep on fighting).

Go to to join the fight.

Thank you.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New oneies in stock!!!!

We're making some changes at the Rubi J Store. I'm in the process of adding new colors to our onesies collection and discontinuing some others. There will be still three sizes to choose from and these are great for personalizing as well.

The Sunset Pink has been popular in the organic tees and it is now available in the baby bodysuit.

Our new blue is Sky Blue.

Our new green is Sage Green.

All are, of course, GOTS certified organic cotton.

We still have a few of the discontinued colors in stock at clearance prices. Check them out at