Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas mania!!!

I haven't posted for a while; I apologize. I (like all of you) have been occupied with the holiday season.

We have a small family; I shouldn't be overwhelmed; but........I CAN'T GET IT EVEN!!!!!.

Oh, all of you know what I mean. You're all done shopping....your list is lay the gifts out for wrapping; but wait. Oh no, Alex has one more gift than Cole; he will be brokenhearted. Quickly, back to the stores!!!!! Thank God, I noticed the inequality in time!!!!!

So it begins. I buy the extra gift for Cole; but find something I know Stef would love......on to find sometime nice for Doug. While picking up for Doug; Ohhhhhhh, Alex would love this!!!!

I'm sure there's a support group for this affliction. (Hello, my name is Sandy, help me stop).

Truth is, I love it. Love the looks on the faces of the ones I love. It doesn't get better that.

Merry Christmas!!!!