Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sandy's Project (Part 2)

Remember this project? Where this

 turned into this:

Well, we have started on the main floor - the future home of Rubi J in downtown Harlan. This time, husband Ron is working with me. He recently retired and is at my disposal. (There's been a few raised eyebrows at that situation.) During our 46 year marriage, we have attempted to work together a few times. It got ugly.

But we were willing to try again. And guess what? It's working out great. No one's more surprised than me. Could it be we both have matured?

Our first objections were to remove the drywall and baseboards; then remove the plaster on the long wall down to the original bricks. Then clean and seal them.  Here's where we were after the first few days:

We decided a pickup wasn't going to do the job, so we had a dumpster moved in to the back door. It was a very good decision.

For a week we came home covered in plaster dust and extremely tired. To clean the bricks, we used vinegar and water for the acid wash. It worked great and no chemical fumes. Perfect.

We finished the sealing last weekend and are taking a few days off. Here's what it looks like now.

That's the same wall as the previous picture.

Now it's on to painting the 14' high ceiling. Go Team Ronfeldt!!!