Thursday, May 28, 2009

These are a few of my favorite (web) things

Daughter Stef and I subscribe and enjoy several newsletters. We decided to start our own monthy newsletter from the Rubi J Store. We're almost finished with our first installment.

The newsletters I mostly enjoy are from some of my favorite websites. Here's a sampling:

The National Geographic has the most awesome website of them all; a little bit for everyone. I especially like their green guide. Log on to
For book lovers go to and join the club. We readers love discussing books and this website gives you the opportunity to find members that share your particular interest.

If you're serious about healthy dieting; the American Heart Association's website is the place to go. They have the highest success rating for taking the pounds off and keeping them off. Go to
Have you ever been in that situation where you've just been invited to society's biggest event and money is a little tight for a new killer outfit? Me neither. But if this happens, there's a website for us: You can rent designer's clothes at a fraction of the cost. So what if I never have a need; it's a comfort to know I'm covered for all situations.

Another fun fashion site is This is a designer's resale site, although many items are new. You can buy an original Marc Jacobs' $1,200.00 handbag for $438.00, or a $600.00 pair of Jimmy Choo's strappy heels for $415.00. Pretty exciting, huh? Yeh, I know. Me, too. But they also have an under $10.00 department where I go.

Or, you can try to win designer clothes. Go to and enter contests for some super cool prizes. I'm sure your email address will on a lot of mailing lists, but, hey, that's why we have "spam filter" and a "delete button". Plus, it's fun. And "girls just wanta have fun".

Friday, May 8, 2009


Change. What an amazing word.

Used as a noun, its meaning can be transformation, alteration, substitution, variety or even coins of low denomination

Used as a verb, it could mean to transform, transfer one for another, remove and replace or to pass from one phase to another.

Google the definition of "change" and the list is endless.

Now, use "Change" in a word association exercise and the responses go from "Panic" and "Terror" to "Exhilarating" and "Progress". How could one word have so much power? Why do some fear change while others embrace and thrive with it?
I believe change is good. If we, as a society, never changed; we would not have become a society at all. If no one took a chance; what chance would we have to survive?
I personally enjoy change; especially small ones. They motivate me. I can get tired of cleaning the house until I change the decor or move furniture in one of the rooms. It's a whole new ballgame. I like bigger changes, too. I've always loved a challenge. Not to say I am fearless. Some changes are scary. I can always tell when I'm scared of change. I procrastinate. It's an ugly truth I alone must bear. I have told myself over and over again, I work better under pressure of a deadline; but when I'm fearful, I change the deadline.
What has help me is to answer the question: "What is the worse that could happen?"
Answer: "I'll know what doesn't work and try something else."