Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Look up "gratitude" in the dictionary or thesaurus and you will find "appreciation".

I beg to differ.

Gratitude goes so much deeper. I appreciate a fine wine, a superb meal or a delightful movie. Gratitude moves  my body and soul.

I have not always been aware of daily gratitude; but for the last 12 years that how I end my day, expressing gratitude. Try it; you'll like it. You will be amazed how your problems are minimized and the living world is a good place.

Try this for a week. Get into bed at night, either on a notepad or in your head, list the things you are grateful for this day, and this day only; doesn't make any difference how big or small. It could be a kid's giggle; just remember it.  I swear, in one week, you will become a more centered person with this wonderful universe.

So, how do I know this? My husband and I have lived this. Over 12 years ago, Ron and I were faced with our only child's death. She beat the odds and we have her today. It's still too painful for us to talk to each about; but we have our "code". We just say "we're lucky people" and we know. 

Don't go what we went through to discover how wonderful life is. Start your "gratitude" journal today.

Our daughter, Stef, and her daughter, Alex, who is 12 years old.


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