Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Clifford Ewan Ronfeldt, Pet Psychic

Let me introduce you to a member of Ronfeldt family. Clifford Ewan Ronfeldt.
Cute, yes? Maybe. He could also be called Clifford Ewan Ronfeldt,  Psycho Psychic.

By the way, Cliff's middle name was given to him by granddaughter, Alex. (Another story)

The little monster has changed the Ronfeldt way of living ever since he arrived. We got him because Lucy (the good dog) needed a friend.

Lucy, the shelter dog, is everything you could ask for; patience, kindness, devotion. We wanted to make her happy: "Let's get her a playmate".


We didn't leave them for 2 years because we just couldn't subject anybody to Clifford. He was a handful.

But, I getting off the track. The little dog is psychic. Both Ron and I agree. We have tested him. He knows what I'm thinking.

When we go to the dog groomer for his bath (no matter what route I take) he whinces the whole time going. Whenever I think of dog walking; he's there, going crazy. I don't even have to go to the closet for the leases. I can be in the bathroom doing a number things; but if I'm thinking walk, he's all over me.

I could go on forever. I know this would be boring to you unless you live with dogs.

This little guy is creepy. I've would get rid of him (many have suggested) but no one else would have him. Besides, he mades me laugh, he needs me and I need him.

Clifford, you're here to stay.

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