Sunday, March 28, 2010

I Love Spring!!!!!

Who doesn't love spring, especially us midwesterners? Spring brings to us moments of appreciation. We did it! We survived another brutal winter. We still love our  spouses after all those cold, long winter nights. We are reborn!!!

We feel sorry for our friends in the south that don't have the dramatic changes of seasons. Oh sure, their weather is perfect all year long.


We midwesterners are absolutely giddy when we have one day of the week over 40 degrees. We love the whole world. (Take that, San Diego.) 

I've had the greatest weekend. Nothing that would make the 6:00 news, or even the local newspaper.

So, what did I do?

Well, Friday, I took the day off with my two favorite girlfriends - daughter, Stef and her daughter, Alex. We spent a day shopping and bonding. No  pressure, no deadlines, only fun and sillyness. How could I be so lucky?

Other reasons why I love spring:
  • I have so much more energy. I've noticed all my dirty windows - but now I want to clean them.
  • I picked up a flower garden magazine at the grocery store and have read it cover to cover, totally enjoying it, knowing full well I will never do any the new ideas I discovered. (Don't care.)
  • Walked the dogs until they were actually tired. Victory for me.
  • Worked in the yard. Got giddy again when I discovered some green poking through the dirt.
You know, when a person is able to enjoy the little pleasures of the day, life is always good and you are blessed.

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Stef Kramer said...

Amen, Sistah! (Mother)...