Monday, August 15, 2011

Getting back to my center.

I'm usually a pretty laid back type of individual. Not many things upset or rile me. I also can be the blunt of many jokes. Ask my family. I've given them plenty of material. I usually laugh the loudest.

But, every once in a while, I allow disappointments to bother me. It's been one thing after another. Yikes, is the whole world against me??? Answer: "Probably not."  Second answer: "So what if it is?"

I like both answers.

When I feel a little blue or overwhelmed, I turn to my Oracle Cards.
They never let me down.

One of my favorite authors and spiritual guides is Sonia Choquette. Man, she is one happy person. I would recommend any of her books. She also published Soul Lesson and Soul Purpose Oracle Cards. It's a 63-Card Deck with a guidebook. Just pick a card at randon and read the guidance. I always seem to pick the right one for my current mood.

These cards are also fun for a group. You can get them at most book stores or online.

I'm already back to my old lovable self.

Update on Lucy:

She's feeling great!!!!! Her left "false" eye looks better all the time. Amazing how she adjusted to seeing with just one day.

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