Saturday, October 10, 2009

First book

Do you know why I love books? Why they are my passion? Why First Book is the the charity Rubi J supports?


Most of us can feel sympathy. It hurts to see a young one cry. It hurts to see war on the television news.   But how do we feel the same hurt as our fellow human being? We have to be that person; and through books, this is possible.

I'm reading a book right that I don't wholly understand, but it is so powerful in its narrative that I cry from the pain of the life the author was given.

I read all books; fiction and non fiction. I always come away more fulfill as a citizen of the world. I want this for all children.

Technology has made our world smaller. But, we need more for our internal growth than text messaging. We need to connect. We need to learn. We need to empathize.

Let's give the children of the world the tools. Teach your children to  read. Help other children to read.

As Martha Stewart says: "It's a good thing".

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Stef Kramer said...

Well said! I would add that reading allows those to who have small worlds to dream big.